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What is Air spring ?

2021-06-21 Source:Internet

Air spring, commonly known as air bag, air bag type cylinder, skin cylinder, etc.  

The air spring is curved bag structure, the number of curved bag is usually 1 to 3, but according to the need can also be designed and manufactured into sleeve type, membrane type, belt type air spring, can also be used in a certain condition two capsule type air spring superposition.  

The principle

Gasspring is a kind of industrial accessories that can be used for supporting, cushioning, braking, height adjustment and Angle adjustment.  It is composed of the following parts: pressure cylinder, piston rod, piston, sealing guide sleeve, filler (inert gas or oil and gas mixture), cylinder control element and cylinder outside the control element (refers to the controllable gas spring) and joint, etc..  

The working principle is to fill the closed pressure cylinder with inert gas or oil and gas mixture, so that the pressure in the chamber is several times or dozens of times higher than the atmospheric pressure, and the pressure difference generated by the cross-sectional area of the piston rod is smaller than the cross-sectional area of the piston rod to achieve the movement of the piston rod.  Due to the fundamental difference in principle, the gas spring has a very significant advantages than the ordinary spring: relatively slow speed, little dynamic force change (generally within 1:1.2), easy to control;  The disadvantage is that the relative volume is not as small as the spiral spring, the cost is high and the life is relatively short.  

The installation  

The internal injection of the spring is inert gas, through the piston to produce elastic function of the product, the product work is without external power, lift force is stable, can be freely telescopic,(can lock the gas spring can be arbitrarily positioned) widely used, but the installation should pay attention to the following points:  

1. The gas spring piston rod must be installed in a downward position, not upside down, which can reduce friction and ensure the best damping mass and buffer performance.  

2. Deciding the position of the fulcrum installation is the guarantee of whether the air spring can work correctly. The air spring must be installed in the correct way, that is, when closed, let it move over the center line of the structure, otherwise, the air spring will often push the door open automatically.  

3. The air spring should not be affected by tilting force or transverse force in operation.  Can not be used as handrail.  

4. In order to ensure the reliability of the seal, do not destroy the surface of the piston rod, it is strictly prohibited to paint and chemical substances on the piston rod.  It is also not allowed to install the gas spring in the desired position before spraying and painting.  

5. The gas spring is high pressure products, and it is strictly prohibited to analyze, bake and smash.  

6. The gas spring piston rod is strictly prohibited to rotate to the left.  If you need to adjust the direction of the joint, you can only turn to the right.  

7. Ambient temperature :-35℃-+70℃.  (80℃ for specific manufacture)  

8. Install the connection point, should rotate flexibly, there can be no jam phenomenon.  

9. The choice of size should be reasonable, the size of the force should be appropriate, and the piston rod stroke size should have a margin of 8 mm.  


Air spring is widely used in self-adjusting air suspension of commercial automobile, bus, railway vehicle, machinery and equipment and building base.  The gas spring is also known as the support rod, the tuner, the air bar, the damper, etc.  According to the structure and function of the air spring to classify, there are free air spring, self-locking air spring, traction type air spring, random stop air spring, swivel chair air spring, air bar, damper and so on.  The products are widely used in automobile, aviation, medical equipment, furniture, machinery manufacturing and other fields.