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The working principle of Air Suspension Compressure

2021-06-21 Source:Internet

The main working principle of the Air Suspension Compressure: The screw compressor uses a pair of intermeshing female and male rotors to achieve continuous air suction, compression, and exhaust processes. The active rotor has 5 spirals, and the driven rotor has 6 tooth grooves. The unique tooth profile can produce high compression efficiency. 1. Air is sucked in from the air inlet and fills the enclosed gear room. 2. The rotor reduces the volume of the closed tooth profile through the meshing of rotation, so that the air is compressed. 3. Air is discharged from the open teeth    As the rotor continuously rotates and meshes during the above process, pulsating air is continuously generated.
Where does the water in compressed air come from? Generally, the water in the atmosphere is in a gaseous state, and it is not easy to notice its existence, but if compressed by an air compressor and cooled by the pipeline, it will condense into liquid water droplets. For example: under the condition of atmospheric temperature of 30°c and relative humidity of 75%, an air compressor with a discharge volume of 3nm3/min and a working pressure of 0.7Mpa, running for 24 hours, contains about 100l of water in the compressed air. Why do we need dry air? If you do not use any method to remove moisture, the immediate impact is that the product quality is poor, the equipment fails, the production process is seriously affected, and the production cost is increased, and the loss is huge.
What is the dew point temperature? It is a temperature that detects the dryness of the compressed air system, in other words, the temperature at which water in the air condenses into water droplets. The lower the dew point temperature, the less water contained in the compressed air.
According to the principle of air freeze-drying, the refrigerated compressed air dryer uses refrigeration equipment to cool the compressed air to a certain dew point temperature and then separates the corresponding moisture, and separates the gas and liquid through the separator, and then discharges the water by the automatic drain. So that the compressed air gets dry in the Air Suspension Compressure.