Industry Information

Industry Information

2021-06-21 Source:Internet

The air suspension is usually installed on some high-end SUVs. In the shock absorber, the airbag is used to replace the spring. According to the collected road condition signals, the ECU controls the air compressor and the exhaust valve to adjust the spring air pressure to achieve changes. The height of the car body not only guarantees the comfort of the car, but also increases the passability of the vehicle. The role of air suspension:

1. Improve the driving performance of the vehicle: By adjusting this way, the suspension of the vehicle can have different performances, taking into account comfort, sportiness, stability and passability, so as to obtain better driving performance and effectively improve the occupant's performance. Ride comfort also has a certain protective effect on the tires.


2. Get better passing performance: After installing the air suspension, the height of the chassis can be adjusted through different road conditions than before, so as to adapt to the driving needs of various road conditions, and can also ensure that the off-road vehicle is in the off-road. Driving under harsh road conditions, the passing performance is even better.


3. Improved vehicle comfort: For some high-end SUVs, the passability is very good, but the overall comfort is not very high. After installing the air suspension, you can use air springs that change the hardness and length. It is used to adjust the hardness and length of the air spring, and it can be adjusted on some uneven roads to obtain better comfort.